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Because of the high risk that is associated with asbestos, the job of asbestos removal is best left to professionals like, Asbestos Watch Toowoomba. Our team members are professionally trained individuals who have the right sorts of equipment that can be used to remove such materials without the risk that comes with you trying to remove it by yourself.

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    Things To Know About Asbestos And Its Removal

    Basically asbestos refers to six naturally occurring minerals. The thing about asbestos-containing material is that it’s very durable against fire and many chemicals. This is because it’s made up of fine durable materials. Because of these prized properties, asbestos was once called the miracle mineral. Initially asbestos became extremely popular and this was the main reason the mineral began being used in different building materials as well as protective gear.

    However, as time progressed, people learned the dangers of such a mineral. The fact was that exposure to asbestos caused mesothelioma, which is a fatal cancer that affects the lining of the lungs. Asbestos materials were also linked to many other lung-related diseases. Because of the popularity of asbestos as a cheap durable building material, many older houses still contain this hazardous material.

    The household products that may contain asbestos include:

    • Insulation,
    • Floor tiles,
    • Cement,
    • Drywall,
    • Ceiling tiles.


    There is only risk of exposure when such household items that contain asbestos are damaged, worn or cut. Once such items are damaged, hazardous asbestos fibres may get into the air and as a result these dangerous fibres may be inhaled or ingested.

    Reference: The QLD government

    There are quite a few things to consider and understand when considering asbestos removal. Most of these things to consider have been mentioned below. The main thing to keep in mind is that as long as the asbestos products have not been damaged, word or cut, there is no major danger and it is best to leave it alone.

    If, however, the asbestos product has been damaged then it’s important to take the following precautions and steps. If you are planning of asbestos removal strategies, then here are a few things to consider. There are plenty of other options that can be chosen instead of removing asbestos material. For instance, the material can be encapsulated by specialised painting or sealed. Seek the advice of a professional for this.

    Take proper precautions

    It’s important to take precautions especially if you live in a comparatively old home as you might have to renovate it and older homes have had a lot of asbestos products used. The precautions mentioned earlier are to be considered when dealing with an old house that may need to be renovated and have asbestos products removed.

    Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Toowoomba . Always be smart and be safe.

    Excellent Services At Value Prices

    In the past, contractors would use asbestos as an insulator in walls for buildings. Despite the fact that asbestos products were banned in 2003, they still pose a real threat to many Australians today. Due to asbestos of all forms being such a threat, it doesn’t matter what form it comes in whether it be brown, black or another form. You still should have your asbestos removed as product deteriation is a certainty.

    Why choose our Asbestos Remediation Team?

    Reliable experts

    Our Asbestos Removal Toowoomba Team will be able to use their expert knowledge to find the source of the contamination and effectively remove it from your property. Our Asbestos Removal Toowoomba Team will be able to remove and clean all of your asbestos without leaving any left behind. No risk is taken, as the customer’s safety is the number one priority.

    We can service all types of buildings

    It doesn’t matter what building you suspect asbestos to be in, whether it be your home, office or commercial site, nothing should be left to chance. Whether you know for certain that you have asbestos problems or you want to be sure, getting our Asbestos Removal Toowoomba Team to perform the work will mean that you are definitely covered. No more dangerous DIY attempts.

    Customer satisfaction is our main priority

    Never will you feel that your expectations were not met by our Asbestos Removal Toowoomba Team. Through Asbestos Watch Toowoomba , get excellent services that you and your property deserve.

    Get in touch us as soon as possible to remove asbestos completely from your property. Our Asbestos Removal Toowoomba Team can also perform sampling and testing jobs to help you identify the presence of asbestos at your premises – in accordance with regulations. Also, we give you the benefit of free quote with no-obligation required. Get one now!

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