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Asbestos found in schools, protect your children!

It was revealed that more than 50 schools in Toowoomba have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), based on the Queensland Registry. This finding comes as a shock for the parents since ACMs are known to cause mesothelioma and lung cancers.

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A former science teacher at a Toowoomba school has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer after working with Bunsen burner made from ACMs more than 40 years, ago!

As a parent, you can help the government’s efforts by increasing public awareness of ACMs dangers. Especially, to protect your children’s safety. You can start to check whether your children’s school is free from asbestos or not.

Buildings built before 1980’s are highly likely to get contaminated with fibre products. Thus, an old school building is highly suspected to have ACM products.

You can find the harmful products in:

  • Cement sheeting
  • Pipes around trees
  • Drains
  • Vinyl flooring products
  • Racks of bags
  • Splashbacks
  • Old telecommunication pits
  • Walls ceilings
  • Bunsen burner

Find out the full list of contaminated schools here:

Department of health:

Why exactly is ACM dangerous for your children’s safety?

Fibrous substances can easily go airborne. Once they get inhaled by children, severe lung diseases will follow. Fibres are the main reason of deadly illnesses including mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. Moreover, according to medical studies, there is still no specific medicine to cure these illnesses. There is even no safe level to being exposed to ACMs.

It is important to educate your loved ones about the dangers of fibre materials. Good knowledge may help them to gain self-protection from the harmful substances. Because we will never know what is going to happen in school.

You have to remind your children to stay away from:

  • Breaking the harmful products
  • Performing vandalism or wrecking
  • Spending time in the weathered harmful products
  • Playing in playgrounds or sandpits with damaged surfaces.

Once you find out that ACMs are present in your children’s school, you must report it to the school. Then, ask your school to eliminate the harmful material safely. Propose a professional contractor to perform asbestos removal and testing works. A licensed contractor will conduct the jobs thoroughly starting from sampling and testing.

After conducting the inspection process, they will immediately register their findings from the removal work to the WorkSafe. Followed by creating a control plan. Then, before eliminating the hazardous materials, they will sterilize the school environment from any activity. It is important to keep people away from entering the school when removal procedures are conducted.

Now, leave everything to the professionals! They will handle everything with care. They are capable of finishing the disposal works too. They will clean the targeted area and ensure all harmful waste is wrapped in bags to avoid any leakage.

External resource:

How to get connected with an assessor immediately?

Asbestos Watch Toowoomba is home for professional removalists who specialise in handling asbestos removal and testing. We only gather experts with A-Class certification to deliver the most reliable services. They have a wide range scope of works including fibre sampling, fencing, roof removal and others. They are qualified to deliver the services in various types of building including commercial and residential.

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Our assessors are eager to deliver you the solutions for your ACM-related problems. They are able to deliver more than regular asbestos removal and testing services.

  1. Asbestos removal Toowoomba – Remove all friable and non-friable fibrous materials from your property.
  2. Asbestos testing  – Conduct a thorough fibre sampling and testing.
  3. Asbestos roof removal – Deliver inspection, removal and handle old roofing materials thoroughly.
  4. Asbestos management plan – Design a management control plan to reduce ACM risks.
  5. Air monitoring – Conduct an air monitoring during and after the removal process, when needed.
  6. Demolition Survey – Create a comprehensive report of the types and conditions of ACMs in your property before any demolition project starts.
  7. Soil remediation – Checking and removing all contaminated soil at your surrounding.
  8. Emergency Repair – Perform removal works in an emergency situation.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Asbestos cannot easily be identified by a visual inspection. The only way to ensure whether a material contains asbestos or not is by getting it tested by a professional contractor. The result will tell you about the presence of ACM in your home and necessary actions to manage it.

It depends on the condition of ACM in your building. If asbestos is in good condition and undisturbed, it is unlikely to pose a health risk. The risks occur if the asbestos is damaged and the fibres become airborne. When being inhaled, fibres can lodged in the lung tissue and develop into a tumor.

X-ray cannot tell whether you got a certain disease because of asbestos fibres or not. But it can detect the early signs of many lung diseases. Lung function tests can detect changes in the lungs caused by asbestos fibers. High resolution CT scans can provide information about the linings of lungs that might be contaminated by asbestos.

We do not recommend you to do any asbestos works by yourself unless you’re trained and certified. You need to have proper equipment and sufficient experiences to work with asbestos.

Yes, you should. We advise you to hire a professional asbestos contractor before doing any construction works. It can prevent you from developing asbestos-related diseases because of fibres exposure. A professional contractor will ensure that the work is done in a safe manner.

Call Asbestos Watch Toowoomba to hire a reliable contractor for all of your asbestos-related problems. Our selected contractors will conduct all works in the most efficient way while offering a competitive rate.

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